Here are a few places to find more information about filmmaking, video, and cameras. If you have any recommendations or comments, please contact us. If your are looking for a list of places to buy our products, please have a look at our where to buy page

Digital Photography For What It’s Worth
This user-to-user help site is nothing more than an informal collection of useful digital photography tidbits and recommendations gleaned from the personal experience and carefully cross-checked reading of its contributors.

ENG Gadgets
We carry a full line of audio and video products like cases from Porta Brace, Batteries from Anton Bauer and IDX. Lighting from Lowel, Arri and LTM, plus Cabled and Wireless mics from Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, ElectroVoice and Telex. Tripods from Miller, Sacthler and Bogen along with Lenses from Tiffen and Century. The list goes on and on.

Express Video Supply
Express Video Supply’s mission is to make the process of acquiring production equipment, blank media and accessories a painless process, allowing production professionals more time to focus on producing. Our vision is seamless, ubiquitous access to audio and visual products and services that are required to get the job done.

The Filter Connection
Welcome Image Makers of The World, Since 1989, The Filter Connection, has been helping professionals, and new image makers understand and select the best camera filters for their creative requirements.

South London Filter Ltd.
Welcome to the world’s leading independent camera filter resource web site. We can supply and offer a comprehensive range of sales or rental camera-filters; for use with Motion Picture Film Cameras, HD, Broadcast Video, & Digital Video Cameras as well as camera filters for Photography.

Filmmaking and Cinematography Information Websites
Lots of good filmmaking discussion centered around Panasonic’s DVX100.

The Digital Filmmaker’s Resource Site
creativePLANET communities: The Digital Filmmaker’s Resource Site.

The Digital Journalist
A Multimedia Magazine for Photojournalism in the Digital Age.

DV Info Net
The Digital Video Information Network. 20,000 Questions. 148,000 Answers. Real People with Real Names. Real Info.
Resources for video hobbyists and pros…video production, digital editing, color bars, DVD, public domain footage, Sony VX-2000, How to copyright a video, special interest video, video duplication, teleprompter, camcorder, television, video marketing

Filmmaking and Cinematography Information Books